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A new portfolio section of photographs generated by the ease and interest in digital cameras, and interest in capturing a moment.


Art, nature, light, travelling, culture, textures, patterns.

Artist Statement

On Photography....

'The photographs span a good few years and a good few countries. I'm not interested in spending years setting up a shot or waiting for just the right conditions. Photography isn't about that for me. It's about snapshots, being in the right place at the right time, memories and catching the mood of the moment. I guess you could say I am a lazy photographer, a lot of the photos in this portfolio are taken when I am abroad or on holiday. I am there to sightsee and experience the culture of the place, if whilst I am there, I manage to take a good photograph or see something unusual then that's fantastic.

I say this but becoming technically proficient in photography is definitely on my to-do list. At the moment though, photography is a happy accident. I love seeing if there are any beauties in my holiday snaps when I get home.'

Aya Sofia
Flower Bee

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