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COMMISSION Riley Commission S98
COMMISSION The Holy Trinity Commission Osborne House Original

So whilst it looks like I haven't done anything for a while, this is not the case. I have completed 3 more commissions since posting about 'Bess' painted two new pictures just for the fun of it, and put 'mugs' and 'cards' up live on my .....read more

By laurahol, Sep 6 2018 03:00PM

Yes, I know, it seems like I am always on holiday! This is a proper one though, with some dedicated beach time. I will be back to fulfill any orders on Monday the 16th of September! See you then!

By laurahol, Sep 4 2018 03:17PM

Painting has been a bit thin on the ground recently, but I have just about managed to squeeze out a new one!

By laurahol, Aug 8 2018 04:21PM

The next section of my shop is complete, you can now get your hands on some rather fabulous A5 cards!

By laurahol, Aug 8 2018 04:20PM

I have been busy getting some marketing bits and pieces together, including some badges! I am really please with how these turned out :-)

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