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Snowing Original Notre Dame Original Super Supertrees Original
SOLD Carisbrooke Castle Original 
SOLD Palme d'Or Original 
SOLD Central Hall
SOLD Yosemite Falls Original 
SOLD Towers of London 
Commission St Mark's Basilica Original

I painted a slightly controversial painting last week; Well, personally controversial as I couldn't decide whether to paint over it after I had 'finished' it or not. Often, if the painting can get through the night without me redoing it, or touching .....read more

By laurahol, May 10 2019 01:00AM

To celebrate my new shop going live I am celebrating with an additional 10% off across my store for the rest of May using the code FOXYCART. Get shopping!!

By laurahol, May 7 2019 04:07PM

I have been busy transferring my website over to a new shopping cart provider. I have hopefully ironed everything out, but as always let me know if you find any glitches! Thank you x

By laurahol, Apr 30 2019 09:50PM

This is a new painting! I have finally managed to paint something from my trip to Morocco, this time last year!!

By laurahol, Apr 1 2019 09:26PM

I feel like my painting hand is waking up a bit, so let's hope for a run of new paintings soon! This is the Kul Sharif Mosque in Kazan, Russia.

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Towers of London
Commission Piering at Bembridge Original
FOR SALE Central Hall 
Acrylics on Canvas
SOLD St George's Gate Original 
FOR SALE Brecon Beacons Original 
FOR SALE Kul Sharif Mosque Original 
FOR SALE Morocco Original Swept Original Potential Original 
FOR SALE Rome is Where the Heart is Original
SOLD Rome is Where the Heart is Original 
SOLD Whitworth Hall Commission Whitworth Hall Commission 
Acrylics on Canvas